Terrace quotation

Terrace quotation

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What is the valuation of a composite terrace?

We are glad that you are interested in our offer. If you literally take a moment to provide us with some information, we will prepare a personalized offer for you. The valuation of a composite terrace depends on several factors, such as:

• the size of the terrace
• substrate
• the type of materials used

Remember that composite boards are widely used. Thanks to this, the floor made of them will not only become part of a complete terrace, but it can also be laid on the balcony or on the ground. We would also like to emphasize that the joists to which the boards are attached are placed using one of the three systems: on a screed, on a point foundation, on supports. Partly, the valuation of a composite terrace also depends on which system you choose.

Terrace quotation
Terrace quotation
Terrace quotation
Terrace quotation
Terrace quotation
Terrace quotation

About us

Lenta® composite boards are a new quality on the market of terrace construction materials. We offer the second generation of the composite – a premium product. Our composite terrace is a structure created with the use of modern materials and breakthrough technologies. As a comprehensive company that meets the expectations of customers, we deal with both the production and sale of composite boards, as well as the implementation of complete projects for the construction of terraces.

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