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Composite terraces

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Second generation composite terrace boards are innovative solutions in the production of wood composite in the world. The dynamic development of technology allowed to create a product that exceeds traditional solutions in terms of its parameters.

The visual and aesthetic values exceed ordinary boards, which makes the new generation composite terraces very functional, much easier to maintain, resembling wood and having all the advantages of a composite.

About us

New generation compsites

Lenta® is one of the leading suppliers of premium class terrace systems in Poland. We have full exclusivity as a supplier of the English brand Millboard, a unique and innovative product on a global scale. We are a team with many years of experience in the industry, a group of people constantly improving their qualifications in the application of high standards of service and consulting. With the help of our specialists, unique and modern terraces are created.

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Wood composite terrace

Composite terraces | About us

Lenta® – terrace systems

Composite terraces | About us

Lenta® and Millboard® product quality

Composite terraces | About us

Millboard® – terrace systems

Composite terraces | About us


Composite terraces made of the latest generation boards are a solution for lovers of wooden structures, but looking for something with properties that surpass this natural material. The composite we offer was created as a result of the work of professionals using innovative technology on a global scale. We create composite terraces from boards that do not contain wood or contain traces of them, which visually resemble wooden boards. The aesthetics of composite boards is one of their many advantages.

Dirt resistant

Lenta® composite boards, thanks to the protective coating, are much easier to maintain and use than traditional composite. Thanks to this, all dirt is removed much easier and faster and does not penetrate into the structure of the board.


The terrace made of Lenta® composite boards does not have splinters, as is the case with a traditional wooden terrace. Thanks to this, the product is safer, more child-friendly and you can easily walk on it with your bare feet.

Innovative technology

The outer coating of composite boards is not only protective, but also visual. Lenta® composite planks mirror the surface structure of the wood grain and are available in several vivid and distinctive colors.

Maintenance free

Thanks to the combination of various components, the composite terrace does not rot, rot and does not absorb water. Lenta® composite boards do not turn gray in the sun, and they do not require painting, impregnation and refreshing. The product belongs to the maintenance-free category.

About us

Lenta® composite boards are a new quality on the market of terrace construction materials. We offer the second generation of the composite – a premium product. Our composite terrace is a structure created with the use of modern materials and breakthrough technologies. As a comprehensive company that meets the expectations of customers, we deal with both the production and sale of composite boards, as well as the implementation of complete projects for the construction of terraces.

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