For developers

Are you a developer, building modern multi-family buildings, passive houses? Win the client by increasing the aesthetics of the investment thanks to the installation of new generation composite boards on tarps or balconies.

With this form of cooperation, we allow the production of boards in a different size and color than assumed in our standard offer. Contact us, we will help with the design, color selection and assembly.

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For Developers - Tarasy Kompozytowe Nowej Generacji zdjęcie nr 1

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For Developers - Tarasy Kompozytowe Nowej Generacji zdjęcie nr 2

About us

Lenta® composite boards are a new quality on the market of terrace construction materials. We offer the second generation of the composite – a premium product. Our composite terrace is a structure created with the use of modern materials and breakthrough technologies. As a comprehensive company that meets the expectations of customers, we deal with both the production and sale of composite boards, as well as the implementation of complete projects for the construction of terraces.

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